Catwalk’s paintings express her love of music, culture, and vibrancy. Catwalk is from San Antonio and became a DJ and music producer in the early 2000s. This path as an entertainer led her to live and hold many residencies in San Antonio, Austin and Los Angeles. The performance side came to a halt when her and her husband decided to start a family. As a creator without her normal platform to express her art she turned to painting.

The shift from the high energy, loud performances at venues like The Viper Room and Troubadour to the quietness and slow pace of moving back to Texas to become a mother was quite the shock. Painting fulfilled her soul as a creator. Many pieces include references to some of her favorite musicians and their stories. The spirit of music lives in most of her pieces.

Her pieces are abstract and contain many different mediums. Some pieces are sculptures made from concrete which are then layered in color and fine glitters. Her sculpture collection pays tribute to her love of catholic art and the beauty behind using unconventional colors and textures on each. Catwalk’s style is far from traditional.

Artist Statement

I have expressed my art for most of my life through music. When life slowed down as I became a mother of two beautiful boys I turned to creating through painting. It brought me so much peace and positivity through my pregnancies and early years of both of their lives. Now I am an artist on multiple levels and it feeds my soul. I am a creator and creating brings me the ultimate fulfillment and happiness. I hope to spark others with that same energy through my artwork. When life throws you curveballs paint them and then throw some glitter on them!

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